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I Wonder….

I wonder if there is some sort of alien species out there that doesn’t need to eat to survive. I wonder what they would would think of us. Can you imagine how they would describe us? 
It would probably be something like: “so there are these creatures right, whose entire existence revolves around consuming the other living creatures on their planet. like, if they stop doing it, they get sick and eventually die! The weird thing is that if they do it too much, it also gets them sick and they eventually die. Still, they live and work just so that they can keep consuming more. They even have these facilities that are filled with products made from the other creatures, where they must exchange a fair amount of their currency to get only a few of these products. And they must do this periodically, because most of them don’t even know how to get the creatures themselves!

Perhaps the strangest thing of it all is that there is even a controversy as to what it is OK to consume and what isn’t. Like, they have arguments because some of them believe that consuming the creatures that can’t move is more acceptable than consuming those that can move. Its crazy”